Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talika - A icon only window list for gnome panel

  Talika is a gnome panel applet that manages the list of opened windows with icons only. This is my second GTK+ project.

Someone will ask why you are developing this when similar apps ??X etc. exists ?
* Oh! sorry i was not able to find any such applet at that time so i started to develop my own. And thanks for advice. I think it is very useful to me. May be for you !

Two days back I released 0.48 version of Talika. It addes preview, pin to panel features to it. But of-course It didn't crash after whole day of use.

I promise next versions will include improvement of existing features and your ideas too.


colladoman said...

I just can't make the previews to work. I select the correct option but nothing happens. I'm using debian squeeze

Vinod Dahiya said...

Which composizting manager you are running?

Talika is tested to work on compiz-fusion.