Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Talika vs Windows 7 taskbar

Is talika a windows 7 taskbar clone?
* Oh no! The project was started  before(Jan 2008) windows 7 was not available and xfce-desktop already has a iconbox applet.

But what about windows previews and pin to panel?
* They are idea's of talika fans/users. Windows previews are inspired from kde4 interactive previews (may be they are inspired from windows 7). And pin to panel from docbarx.

I had never used Windows 7 even for a single minute (I use windows in office but that is XP Pro).

Hate it if it is unusable for you, not just for you think it is a win 7 taskbar clone.


stephanius said...

Keep up the good work bro, don't care about people say. You're an excellent programmer and is giving to the open-source comunity an excellent softwaere

M.Q. said...

I was searching so long for something like this. It's fast, usable and I really love the fact that you can disable dimming of minimized icons. Thank you for creating this. But I'd just like to inform you, that openoffice doesn't allow you to pin it and uses a weird icon when launched. I think the developers of docky (which is now replaced with talika in my case) had similar problems, and they found a solution. If you want to solve this, maybe you should ask them for advice.

Vinod Dahiya said...

Hi MQ,
If you want to pin openoffice apps, try svn version instead of relese verion.