Thursday, May 20, 2010

Talika progress

Finaly, Got some time from my tight working schedule. Just working on making talika better and more usable.

Pinning of applications is improved, including drag and drop pinning. Also launcher and running task seprator is gone, they can be mixed. One can assign custom icons to pinned launchers and icons are now bigger (see the screenshot).

Changes are still in alpha and not ready to release. Those who want to test new features can build from svn.


yangson said...

Hey! This is what I was looking for! Great stuff!
The problem is that I can't compile here in Mandriva. Are you thinking about a .RPM? Whould be great if had...
Anyway, congratz for the project!


Saša Tomić said...

Thank you man! This is exactly what I've been looking for!

Keep up the good work!!!! :D

Antonio Carlos said...

I would say that iconbox is just one of the things that make me keep using Xfce.

One shortcoming of iconbox is that it is not possible to drag itens to icon and restore windows to front view (if minimized or hidden) to drop the item there.

In Xfce, Task List panel plugin allows it.

Even if not tried Talika, and not knowing if this feature is already there, it could be a good one to implement.

Jürgen M said...

Well done. Stuff that would be cool:

* Max icon size, if a panel is bigger there are multiple rows/colums of icons
* Now the icons are in no particular (?) order: put those on the same workspace together.
* It would be cool to have a visual clue, about all applications on the current workspace (in "include all workspaces" mode of course).

Paul Griffiths said...

I am using Talika on Fedora 13 and it's looking great! Thanks for your hard work on this extremely useful and easy-to-use applet