Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talika 0.50 released

I just released new version of talika. I was away from linux for two months. As I use linux not so frequently now a days, future development will be slow. So, I quickly wraps up what i have done earlier and decided to release what was there in svn tree.

It may have lot of rough edges and you may not like it at all because of its gui changes and more memory usage than previous version. There are no translation updates.

Here is release announcement:

/**************** 0.50 ********************************/

This version has a lot of gui makeover and bug fixes.
New features are:

* Better icons
* Show pin option for pinnable apps
* Supports pinning via drag and drop
* Add option to show tasks from multiple monitors
* Option to close group with middle click
* Option to show preview on multiple windows only
* Better pininig support for openoffice & some wine apps (like picasa)
* Choose custom icon for launcher
* Many gui customization options
* And many more ( explore yourself )


Talika on
Talika on


Pau said...

Hi there! I've been using Talika since yestarday and I have to say it rocks! I've already posted about it:

Thanks for this cool gnome applet!

Victor said...

I am using your Talika for a couple of weeks and it's just great, best window list applet for my taste.

I have the following problem: when set it to use icons from theme, they look nice and crisp. But the theme seems to associate an icon to an entire application, so different windows of the same app will have the same icon. If uncheck "use icons from theme", i see different icons (the app in question is Chromium, which displays the site's favicon for "application" windows.

Is there a way to fix this? Maybe add an exception to "use theme icons". Or maybe point me where in the code should i look? Maybe i'll have time to send you a patch ;)

Wouter said...

Hey, first of all thank you for Talika! It is really nice, doesn't crash and the window preview is a lot nicer then dockbarx which I used before. However I have a few notes which I would like to share with you.

- The active window should be better highlighted. When your panel is transparent, such as mine, you can hardly see it. Compare with dockbarx with sunny-c theme:

- When a program is not launched yet and you however the icon the text "Launch " appears. I think this is a bit unessecary and should be optional as a option if you want to have such notifications.

Well that were 2 side notes I wanted to share with you. Cheers and thanks for Talika.